African Impact Group


African Impact Advisory is our consultancy division established in 2017 to meet the growing demand for:

  • non-profits to become more financially sustainable and continue the work they do in the societies they serve; and
  • for-profits to evidence increasingly positive impacts on the societies in which they earn revenue and draw labour.


Non-profit client work  

Our offering to the non-profit sector is to assist development organisations, NGOs, and international foundations achieve greater impact and sustained change by accessing alternative forms of funding. This is done by repackaging existing programs into commercial revenue-generating and internal capacity building solutions around sustainable funding.  

Our clients include:


The Southern Africa Trust (SAT)

  • SAT is a DFID-funded, SADC-focused think-tank working in the area of poverty alleviation and economic policy.
  • Our engagement with SAT has centred around ensuring heightened funding sustainability and strategy development focused on revenue-generating funding streams.

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF)

  • The MDSF has a strong philanthropic footprint in South Africa, built over several decades.
  • Our engagement with the MSDF has focused on identifying potential impact investment opportunities across a variety of sectors.

The Field Band Foundation (FBF)

  • The FBF is a youth-development focused NGO impacting hundreds of communities across South Africa. 
  • Our work has assisted them reorient themselves as a value-provider to the commercial sector both regarding Black Economic Empowerment funding as well as playing a key role in terms of impact in stakeholder communities.

Universities South Africa (USAf)

  • USAf is a membership organisation representing all 23 public universities in South Africa.
  • Our engagement with USAf has centred around developing commercially sustainable projects that will enhance the work of USAf and its members.


For-profit client work  


Our offering to our for-profit clients is to create a more enduring positive social footprint ranging from embedded Black Economic Empowerment, strategic CSR, through to mainstream impact investing.

Our clients include:



  • Viadex is a global IT infrastructure company headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in emerging markets, including South Africa.
  • Our work with Viadex covered their local support of domestic Black Economic Empowerment Codes and the integration of their strategic CSR initiative into a cohesive sustainable supply chain management program.

The Western Cape Government / CASIDRA

  • CASIDRA is the commercial agriculture unit created by the Western Cape Government to advance the issue of land reform in the province.
  • Our engagement with CASIDRA looked at ways to lower the cost of funding to emerging black farmers, including research into Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies as alternative sources of revenue.